How to run a successful Facebook Challenge with GivePanel and iDonate

A 6-part video tutorial designed to help Irish nonprofits run Facebook and Instagram Challenges without Meta's fundraising tools.


What You'll Learn:

  • Master the essentials - hooks, funnels, and supporter experiences - for a thriving Facebook Challenge.

  • Learn to maximise returns by mastering ad optimisation techniques and tracking key metrics
  • Boost visibility and engagement in Facebook Groups with compelling content tailored for social-first fundraising
  • Blend corporate and personal email styles to deepen supporter connections and enhance email campaign effectiveness

Part 1

What makes a really successful Facebook Challenge in 2024

In this initial tutorial, GivePanel's CEO, Nick Burne, outlines the essentials for a successful fundraising Challenge: a captivating hook, a converting funnel, and a stellar supporter experience.

Jumpstart your fundraising with GivePanel's iDonate integration—watch now!

Part 2

Understanding the 'new' Facebook Challenge funnel (without Facebook fundraising)

In part 2 of GivePanel's series on Facebook Challenges with iDonate, Nick discusses the changes and the funnel without Facebook's fundraising tools.

Learn how iDonate compares to JustGiving in the UK and why social-first fundraising could boost your results.

Part 3

How to set up and optimize your ads for insane Return on Ad Spend

In part 3 of our GivePanel x iDonate video series, we focus on optimizing your ads for the best results.

GivePanel's Founder and CEO, Nick Burne, will explain why your creative might not be performing as expected and share five top tips from ads expert Danni.

Part 4

What's changed with Facebook Groups and how to leverage an online community

Facebook Groups remain central to social-first fundraising with GivePanel's iDonate integration.

Get expert tips from GivePanel partner, Get Your Stories Straight, on guiding supporters and creating engaging content to boost newsfeed visibility.

Part 5

Email journeys based on human connection that actually work

At GivePanel, we approach emails uniquely. In part 5 of our series with iDonate, we explore combining corporate and personal email styles to deepen supporter connections.

Nick highlights GivePanel's tools and how to ensure timely, effective messaging.

Part 6

Keeping on track - tips for tracking and monitoring your campaign

In our final tutorial on running a Facebook Challenge with GivePanel and iDonate, we focus on maintaining your Challenge and making confident decisions.

GivePanel CEO Nick Burne highlights key metrics to monitor and the importance of end-to-end testing to optimize ad spend.

Part 7

Next steps

You're now at the end of GivePanel's mini video series on how to run a successful Facebook Challenge with GivePanel and iDonate - congratulations! 

The GivePanel iDonate integration is now live for GivePanel customers so we discuss what the next steps are for Irish nonprofits looking to continue growing their social-first fundraising. 


How to set up a fundraising Challenge in GivePanel using the iDonate integration

Join Nick for a step by step guide on using GivePanel's brand new iDonate integration in the GivePanel app to set up a fundraising campaign from start to finish. 

Learn what information you'll need to get started, how to set up a campaign and what channels you can use to steward supporters.

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Social-first fundraising for Irish nonprofits with GivePanel's iDonate integration

Learn how GivePanel is making social fundraising work for Irish nonprofits by partnering with Ireland's largest fundraising platform, iDonate.

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